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First, the point of the

First, the point of the message is not to advocate violating traffic laws (Yes, driving drunk and going well over a speed limit are real crimes). The fact that more serious crimes continue to exist is in part due to the misguided focus of the police. Secondly, recognizing this fact is not foolish. All citizens want a society free of crime. Everyone has at one time or another mildly exceeded the speed limit - they're rushing to a hospital, they're running late for a meeting, going 60 in 50mph zone. When the police pull someone like this over, they're a nuisance, and medaling with a citizen's freedom. The fact is that these mild violations occur in most cities to raise revenues - and not for safety reasons. If driving 60 in a 50 mph zone were not safe, then police wouldn't drive 60 either, yet police frquently exceed speed limits (even when not involved in a pursuit). Police also frequently run red lights, even when not in pursuit. Police are not above anyone, even though they believe they are. That's because the government has handed them guns and placed them in the role of enforcing laws. In that regard, they a much like thugs - when they hide behind their guns/shields against citizens running late for a meeting or running their bleeding child to a hospital. Under normal circumstances, police have to obey the speed limits too, for the same reason speed limits were established for all citizens. They too, have to GROW UP and starting obeying the speed limits and traffic lights and parking regulations. And, lastly, calling someone idiotic is not something a grown-up or educated person would say. I guess that explains why, as a fact, that most police are not highly educated.


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