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Probation??? Violation???

I can only state from the experience of my ex-criminal stepson. He had 8 misdemeanors and 2 violent felony convictions on his sheet by the ripe age of 20. He spent little time in jail and only 3 years on probation. He continued to stack up violation after violation with absolutely no penalties except expensive lawyer fees, which "mommy" gladly handed over. His 6 month bout of "intensive probation" was well over before the probation officer received paprework knowing that he was even on intensive probation. Probation is no more that a huge joke for criminals to laugh about, knowing the system is well inadequate, way understaffed and most often, ineffective. What few probation officers are out there have to focus on the known violent criminals and keep tabs on them. The PO's caseload makes it impossible for them to adequately monitor their criminals the way it was designed for them to. "Probation" is nothing more that a method of clearing court dockets, generating funds for the government/attorneys and for keeping the prison beds available. There are a lot of criminals out there that should be in jail right now that walk about completely unmonitored, flipping their finger at authority and engaging in their regular criminal activity. I invite anyone to go and sit in court for a day and just watch the rediculous deals that are made. Just remember that when you are out on a drive, a walk in the mall for shopping or even your grocery store parking lot, "They walk among us!". Keep your "6" covered!


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