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Only one set of laws

It's not selective enforcement. You can only enforce what the law allows,and unfortunately, too many bleeding heart liberals don't want to offend anyone and send their illegal no english speaking tails back where they came from. The law is very clear for criminal violations in the US committed by US citizens. The government has not given us a CLEAR standard on when ICE(Immigration Criminal Enforcement) will get involved. It's frustrating for law enforcement because the government caters to illegals. Don't get me wrong. If someone comes to this country legally looking for a better life, that's fine. Let them work and pay taxes like everyone else. If not. Stay on your side of the border. Law enforcement officers have been targets of violence by these illegals for years. Last year the government tried to send 2 border patrol officers to prison for stopping an illegal with a large amount of cocaine coming across. It ended in a shooting. This illegal immigrant drug dealer was shot and killed by the border patrol. Isn't that their job. To protect the border at "all costs". This mutt didn't have any civil rights. He was not an American citizen. OK, I am getting on a soap box. But the point is, there is only one set of laws and they are for US citizens. There really are none for illegals. They get arrested on a regular basis for criminal violations such as DWI and other things. They are a large link in the drug trafficking chain. I wish there was more local law enforcement do to get them deported. I am sure I have offended some poor illegal alien or some bleeding heart who supports welfare for illegals or education for illegals which everyone knows will end up being paid for with tax dollars. Do us all a favor and don't start. There are too many people who agree with me including politicians. But the politicians need to remember one thing; illegals and felons CAN'T VOTE. Ya'll have a nice day:)


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