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Its the magistrates fault for not filing the proper paperwork to begin with. However, I am not defending these POS that get behind the wheel after consuming. You people have forgotten or just blind to the fact that drinking and driving kills innocent people. I could care less if they kill theirselves, but dont take anybody with you. I have been in the jail when these idiots are brought in. Half of them cant stand up. Whats wrong with getting drunk at the house. I'll tell you, These men start thinking with the other head and feel like they got to go out and find something. Only thing they get is some drunk mexican sitting beside them in the holding cell. They all need jail time! And for the person that thinks the court is to strict. Trust me they are not as strict as you think they are. The reason why they get revoked is because they dont pay the fine or dont go to court. How hard is that anyway?? As long as you make an attempt the court throws everything out anyway


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