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What's the problem?

We have laws on the books that state it is illegal to drink alcohol and operate a motor vehicle. It is an intentional personal choice when a person drinks and gets in a vehicle and drives. They know it is against the law, but they choose to drive anyway. They know what the penalty is if they get caught. The book should be thrown at them for doing so no matter what the circumstances may be. You choose to drink, you choose to drive, you get caught, you should face the harshest penalty the court can sentence you to. If you have an accident and kill an innocent person, you should get the death penalty. I knew a little child that was killed by a drunk driver while she rode her bicycle on a sidewalk. It was not his first offense, or second, he had been caught so many times his license were suspended for life, and he had spent time in prison, yet he chose to drink and drive with no license and ran up on the sidewalk and killed this little girl. What did she do to deserve this? I believe the laws are not tough enough for these crimes. And as for the people that lose their license and can't go to work, you should have thought of the consequences before you got under the steering wheel after you had been having FUN drinking. Was that temporary FUN worth your not being able to go to work and ruining your life over? Think about it before you drink and make that foolish choice again.


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