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SBI/FBI conspiracy?

It really isnt that much of a stretch to think that the FBI and the SBI would be capable of lying to cover up something or to send the wrong person to prison, even death row? All you have to do is look up the Alan Gell case where the SBI and the NC State Attorney General's Office withheld evidence ( that sent an innocent man to death row, Why arent these people tried for attempted murder? Nah they all got promotions. And the FBI also investigated this murder of Rummer too didn't they? We all know they wouldn't lie right? I live in Myrtle Beach and not only did an FBI agent lie but he actually got caught at it and got arrested for protecting prostitution. ( So it is no stretch of anyone's imagination to consider that these two agencies could and would lie to protect the sheriff and the county's millions of dollars. That's a no brainer. After all it is just some loser that died (no dart to select Rummer, he was making noise when Deputy Hatch came in and said, "I'll teach him a lesson") and who cares about some career criminal that is being framed? These guys would welcome the chance cover this mess up. I'm curious, have you seen the reports? Know anyone that has? I've seen them and that's why there is a civil suit to have them released to the public.


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