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First and foremost, a life has been lost/taken, and all our prayers should go out to the family and love ones of this person. There is no doubt, the person who committed this crime should be prosecuted to the full extend of the law. Let us make sure we have the right person. We all think, if you are arrested you must have done something wrong, right. We all know they only arrest guilty people. I can only look at Dallas County, leading the Nation in releasing wrongly convicted people, in 2007, about 15 and counting. They all spent about 20 to 27 years in prison before they were released. I have always been the one to think, if you have not done anything wrong, you do not have anything to worry about being charged with a crime of this nature, and perhaps go to jail. Well these authorities have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a square peg fit into a round hole. Who said there isn’t money in crime, these guys have stayed in hotels for years, renting cars, eating at very nice restaurants, and flew people from around this great country to testify about this man’s past. You bet your sweet ass they are going to prosecutor someone. Your past is a great predictor of your likelihood to commit a crime, specially if you are in the area of the crime and poor, right. We should demand more, do your job and not waste taxpayer’s money. Everyone is voicing their opinion based on the information the media releases, how smart is that. God bless us all, it really does not matter what happens to this man right, until next time, it can be you! Let the evident speak, oh they don’t have any, just a bill of all that money they spent for the last six years. You all are being used as ponds. I said all that to say this, do not believe everything you read, ask yourself, why would they release that information. If one can be treated in an unfair manner, the opportunity is there for us all to be treated in this manner. This is a great country, I know because I fought to defend this great nation. Again, my prayers go out to the family and friends on this person, but let us get the right person.


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