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You know I agree with you;

You know I agree with you; there are so many KIDS running around here doing things they shouldn't be doing. If they are hanging out with pot heads, well guess what, they are most likly a pot head them selves. My point is that parents don't always know what there children are into and if parents where a little more "open eyed" and quit thinking there child is a saint, then this SH*T could be stoped at a early age and not escalade to the point where the teen age pot head becomes a adult who murders a child. What this kid saw or didn't see; or what the police did or didn't do isn't the matter; the matter is if that a family is with out there child and if the murder's parents had of been better parents this probaly wouldn't have happened. And this family would not have to be with out there child so soon in his life! And those who want to put the blame on color, GROW UP!! It aint a white thing, black thing untill you make it one! This kid didn't die because of his color! He was in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time! And making this a color issue isn't gonna do anything but make us divided in a time when we need to be there for each other. The JONES family, I don't think any thing can be said to make this a better situation; but I can asure you if you keep GOD in you rheart and mind this process will be alittle smoother. Nothing can replace a child, but over time the pain will be easier to deal with. Much Love!!!


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