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Dark Shadows!

[quote]McGee also said she doesn't think it's fair a small number of incidents are putting a shadow over the school system. [/quote] A shadow its not! Its an umbrella eclisping the entire Brunswick County School Ditrict. Its not hard to see the one hole in it casting all of its light directly onto the stage of performers. Superintendent Katie McGee must spend her days living in the playground of her childhood memories. To her its always about being [fair], as though the importance of these matters have there foundation there. It appears she caught up in believing everything wrong in the system here will cure its own ills. Even Humpty Dumpty learned otherwise. She fails to realize the basic premise of leadership, means leading. Its a self imposed position she chose as a profession. She has stumbled repeatedly and finds no one around to kiss her boo boo's. Its obvious she'll not find any sorrow or pity from parents here along the path. She needs either stepping up to the task or stepping out of the way. Thats what effective leaders do if their concerns are with serving the greater of the good. She fondley mentions the [small] numbers of incidents as a defense to her inabilities getting her job done. She might consider felonious acts against children small incidents. I'd wager parents and the victims don't. I would suggest she opens her eyes up to the very one large situation at hand. It is ultimately her responsibility as the deliver of School Policy getting the word out that there isn't going the be any tolerence for any staff member whose choices included violating those policies. The quicker she makes up her mind as to what side of the playgound fence she stands ground on, the faster all the Kings men can begin putting the Brunswick School System back together again. Period!


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