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They can't afford a tree?

How is it then that they can afford a color TV with cable, and to pay the electric bill for that aquarium and the lights he was stringing? Sounds more like "We want it all" instead of "We need a tree." Yes, it would have been difficult to explain to those children that there would be no tree this year. But do you know what? That might have been the best present they could ever receive. It would have built character, and made then stronger, more independent as they grew. Instead, they will be receiving a quick crash course in a problem that's gradually bankrupting this nation: You never have to face any adversity, any hardship, or any shortage based upon your current economic state. If you need something, nay, simply WANT something, you don't have to budget or set priorities. It's someone else's responsibility to provide it for you. You deserve it all. It's the same mindset that says, "The government should pay for my healthcare because with the size of the payments on my new car, I can't afford to pay for it myself." I sincerely hope that you do get back on your feet financially soon. But you and WWAY are denying an important "life lesson" to these children - sometimes we all go through rough times, have to face them, and have to get through them. Sometimes life isn't fun. If we are continually helped over the obstacle course, we never learn to run the obstacle course.


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