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I always donate anything I'm not using any more (clothes, furniture, etc.) to Goodwill or some other similar place that accepts donations. I tried to donate several pieces of furniture to this particular Goodwill a few months ago. One of the couches was not in very good shape, but some of the other furniture I was going to donate was in excellent shape. The employee at Goodwill came outside, took one glance at the "ugly" couch and said he didn't want anything I was donating and that it was all crap and that he would absolutely not accept any of it and just kept pointing at the furniture and shaking his head and saying "no one could use this." Mind you, this was furniture that I had been using in my house, so not only was the employee insulting me, but he made a scene in front of other people who were around as well. After this incident, I will NEVER donate to Goodwill again. Now I take all of my donations to Vintage Values in Monkey Junction - they are always extremely polite and thank me for my donation!


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