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We're cold but true...

It's true. As sympathetic as many of the folks here are, the fact is this individual lost his job and now claims to have $15 to his hame. He claims he went to Goodwill and was treated rudely. He claims they didn't make a special exception for HIM and his family and reduce a price on a Christmas tree. Goodwill, and the Salvation Army for that matter, ARE NOT in the negotiation business. You want negotiations? Go to a Yard Sale. Buy from the Classified ads. I had a friend that worked at Goodwill years ago. I mentioned to someone on the bus that I knew that person. They went in to Goodwill and said they talked to me and though the employee was going to discount them. That's not what I meant to happen, but the employee/friend was unhappy with be that it happened because they aren't allowed to do that. Go ask Wal-Mart if they will take pity on you and reduce their prices. Not going to happen. And, as pointed out, many individuals who can't get jobs elsewhere are being employeed by Goodwill at VERY LOW incomes. Do the people here want to take from THEIR mouths just to satisfy someone on TV? He only has #15 left. He should forego the Christmas Tree in his home and save it for the things he NEEDS. Sometimes it takes a long time to get a new job. Yes, people will see our attitudes as cold because of the time of year. Maybe those folks need to abide by The Truth, The WHOLE Truth, and Nothing But The Truth more often than what they are. I could make a number of speculations of my own regarding this story and this family, but what purpose would it serve in regards to the Truth? Andrew


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