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Uncle Reality for President!

To Uncle Reality - I have never agreed with someone more in my life!! I make a good living (42K), own a home in a different state (that won't sell) and married someone who is quite useless (we have since separated)... I made my bed and am lying in it!! I flipped when my ex decorated her house like the White House for Christmas but had not gotten an oil change for her car in one year! Or she won't address the useless cell phone she owns (the only vital communication method she has) but will spend a night drinking at area clubs. All the while, I'm calculating (as I start over by myself) whether I can afford Christmas lights this year. Guess what? I can't. Boo-friggin-hoo. I made my bed, and although it may not be comfy at times, it's my bed and I'm lying in it!! Uncle Reality needs to clone himself 50 times over and run for legislature throughout this country. Maybe a collective effort to pull the silver spoon out of America's mouth will wake the free-loading, free-seeking brats up!


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