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Scrooge Scrooge Scrooge

You know.. SO many of you people are blasting this guy. Forget about him for a minute... This "charity" (money making scam) has only a commercial lease, low hourly wages, insurance (not health mind you..) and utilities as overhead. That is about 1/3 of what most companies spit out even a 501c6 non-profit entity. ALL items are strictly DONATED. So their profit margin is 100%. What is the big deal about a clerk being a little more pleasant, going and telling a manager the asituation and still making a 100% profit. That's what the heck is wrong with Christmas.. It's all gone commercial and to profits. Here is your Bah Humbug Good Will (or not so much Good Will), And this attitude of I'm Mr. Mean... he made his bed and should lie in it attitude is exactly what is wrong with our nation righ now. Negativity and resentment everywhere. At least comunist countries work as a team.. We in the U.S.? Have stooped way below that in our morals. Be thankful for what you have, stop kicking the little man, give a little and Merry Christmas...


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