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Sounds like hand-out season again....

First off, we are only getting one side of the story as to what was actually said in the store. The "victim" seems to think he is owed a deal because he was probably raised to believe this. Yeah, it's the season of giving but at what point does a business have to cut their profit so this family can have a Merry Christmas. My wife says that when she was a kid that they never had any money, Mom was single and raising her, that every Christmas they would just wait until Christmas Eve and then go get the tree. They would spend the evening decorating and spending time with each other and that is the point of Christmas. Most of the time people would just give it to them. If you only have 15.00 to your name maybe the tree is not what you "need". Lighten up on Goodwill, its News when there is controversy. The only one making controversy is this "victim".


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