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It's all about the Benjamins

It's all about the Benjamins. With professional sports being so competitive, with multi million dollar endorsements, fame and fortune, OF COURSE the players are going to do what ever they can to out perform the others, and to win, whether it is legal or not. It is not just baseball, it is ALL sports, even high school sports. Heck, probably middle school too. I believe all this hype for sports has gone too far. I played sports in school, and I loved it. Now, I have no interest what so ever for sports, and I will tell you my life is even better than when I used to waste hours upon hours sitting in front of the tube or sitting on a hard bleacher screaming my head off. If fans did not treat these "humans" as gods, and did not support them in the ways they do, they would have no reason to try and be super humans, or should I say super gods of the game. If they wait on me to lend my support so they can make tens of millions per year, they will wait a long time. They take these illegal drugs so they can perform for you, the fans, and to get the BIG Benjamins, fame and fortune that you make possible for them to reap. So don't blame them, it is not entirely their fault.


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