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You just don't appreciate GROWTH!

Remember - it's all about the growth. Watching those horses grazing or running through those pastures did nothing than make us smile for a minute or two on our way home after a rough week at work. Of course you didn't see them for long because in those days, Military Cutoff was a two-lane, 55 mph road with no traffic lights, which could be negotiated end-to-end in three or four minutes. Now, when you sit in traffic that would rival the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and stop every ten feet for a light......when the sewers are freely running into the tidal creek behind your house......when another twenty acres of woodland is cleared to make room for a hundred houses......when you watch your tax dollars funding "soccer for the masses" and a convention center that will soon become a financial albatross around our neck... ...just close your eyes, click your heels together and say, "It's all about the growth. It's all about the growth." BTW, if anyone can point out exactly what's growing other than the population, I'd appreciate it....


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