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Dear Rep.(ex) Wright

Dear Mr. Wright, I am stunned at your remark "You'd have thought I'd murdered somebody". Through your entire "mess" I have taken a wait and see attitude, however now I know I was wrong. Becuase I feel that you are not smart enough to figure this out on your own, let me clue you in. When you kill someone, you just end a life. When you steal peoples trust, friendship, money, belief in government the damages are devastating. You sir sicken me with your attitude that stealing is "no big deal". Well here is what I wish for you. I hope that you get 20 years with a cell mate named bubba that thinks your cute. I hope that he steals your beliefs and your trust. May God have mercy on you, you will need it. No wonder Law Enforcment, the DA's, the Judicial system is such a with plumbing...crap flows up hill. Good Bye Mr. Wright...


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