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Gift Cards, the not so perfect gift!

I recently received a $ 150 gift card from Best Buy, but when I attempted to use the card in Raleigh, NC, it was denied. The card was purchased from the Best Buy store in Cary, NC. They (Best Buy in Raleigh, NC) were shown the receipt, which they verified and then told me that I had to go back to the store where the card was purchased because it was denied. Does this mean if the card had been purchased in California, I would have been expected to travel across the county to get this issue corrected? Basically, they had no interest in determining what the problem was with the card. I returned to the Best Buy store where the card was purchased. (Yes, I had to drive several miles to another store!) They told me that the card was voided shortly after it was purchased. Of course the purchaser immediately contacted the credit card company who verified that the card's purchase price was indeed charged to his account. It had not been voided as the manager had boldly stated. After the manager was informed of this, he left to check information on their computer system. Why didn't he do this first, I don't know. He then returns and informs us that, yes, the card was purchased from them. He was able to tell me who the cashier was, what time the card was sold, who brought the card and what store denied the card. He had the entire history of the card on their computer system. He also told me that there was an activation problem with some cards purchased on that date. I asked to have the card activated or replaced, but they refused. Why, after all, he just informed me of an activation problem with some cards purchased on that date. I was told I had to contact a third party, because they don't actually back the cards that they sell, even though it has their name on it and was sold in their store. After three hours, I am finally told that yes your card will be replaced, but that it will take 10 business days. But what about the item that I needed that day, well you can purchase it now and come back later and use your gift card. This means I have to spend even more money in a store that doesn't seem to care about its customers. I of course you can't get your money back from a gift card, even if you are unsatisfied with the process. Gift cards are not a good thing, they just another way the man can get your money and then treat you poorly, because there are not cash refunds on gift cards.


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