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Sure...surrender to criminals again!

So, you want all criminals to know that all they have to do is hit the gas, and they've made a clean getaway. Just what should we chase for? Burglary? Armed Robbery? Which is worse - a felony theft or aggravated assault? Which warrants a chase? Can you give us a flowchart? What if I just beat a store owner with a broom stick during an armed robbery - is that worth risking a life over? Or am I not sufficiently dangerous to warrant a chase? I sincerely doubt that the officer "ran you off the road," or he would have stopped to assist you. (Hint: Having to pull over for an emergency vehicle is NOT being run off the road. Pay attention to what's coming up behind you.) The entire chase route is multiple lane, and while it may have started in a city and ended in a city, 90% of it was over rural, open highway. You're obviously one of those hysterical hand-wringers who has no concept of why law enforcement even exists, but will be howling like a banshee when you become a victim. Until then, you'll second guess law enforcement's approach and not make one single comment about the two pieces of trash that caused the entire incident. Let the professionals do the job that you pay them to do, or else YOU get out there and do it, since you're such an expert!


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