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Great ideas

But you might want to check out current policies toward shooting at or from a moving vehicle. Also, care to guess how many units carry spike strips....or shotguns? Sure - it would be great if we could end every high speed chase before anyone gets hurt, but things aren't all set up, ready to go. Things don't always fall into place, like on TV. You use the assets and skills that are available and resident at the time they are needed. If you want a helicopter crew on standby, you have to pay them to be on standby. (If you want to make sure the helicopter is always available, you'd better buy a second helicopter, too. You'd be surprised at the ratio of maintenance hours to flight hours.) If you want every county and police vehicle to be equipped with spike strips or mobile barriers, you have to pay for them....and the training. If you want to make sure there are officers available to assist at every minute of every day, you're going to be hiring more officers and buying more cars. If you want every single officer trained on the PIT maneuver, you'll be paying to send them all to pursuit training. There's no free lunch, so you'd better reach for the checkbook and be prepared to write some big numbers. Remember too, that regardless of how much money is spent and how well trained every single officer and deputy is, something can always go wrong, and an innocent party can always be killed or injured. BTW, in case you didn't realize it, by your proposals on how to end a chase, even YOU are unconsciously admitting the need to go after these people. We can't just let them take off and know they're getting away. The lead trooper in this chase did a great job, and he deserves our thanks.


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