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Proposed reliable signature and PIN systems will deter fraud.

These details show that it is impossible to deter a fraud boom until banks make signature and PIN systems reliable as proposed on website to deter anyone from getting tempted to misuse our STOLEN personal and card details. Fake documents has made our signature system unreliable while skimmers and pin-hole cameras etc. have made PIN system unreliable. We have option to make signatures reliable by personalising them with ID stickers and option to use Card Key Code to make PIN system reliable to make use of stolen and skimmed cards meaningless. By ignoring to exploit this system banks are only letting bad problems get worse. Since ID KEY system will deter fraud by making signature and PIN systems reliable it will eliminate the need for us to protect our personal and PIN details since fraudsters will not get tempted to misuse them. Proposed ID KEY can be treated as a reliable international ID card because it will personalise signature and PIN number to only the right individuals in any country.


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