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Very bad idea

I know you're only kidding, but believe it or not, some people are actually dumb enough to try such a stunt. I knew three servicemen, one of them a staff sergeant (the other two sergeants)who tried to stick up a dealer in Los Angeles. It seems that one of the sergeants had grown up in "da hood" and knew of a dealer who always had tons of money on him. They reasoned to themselves that they would be doing society a favor and make some money to boot. So one weekend, the three of them drove down to LA, found the guy, and shoved a gun in his face.... ....which was quite entertaining to the detectives who had the dealer under surveillance at the time. Armed robbery is armed robbery, regardless of the piece of trash you're robbing. All three saw their careers ended and were introduced to the California penal system. If it was left up to me, I'd declare open season on all druggies and dealers.....but you never know who's watching, dagnabbit!


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