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Do not confuse Left-wing Socialism...

...with Right-wing corruption. They're two distinct problems. Republican leadership is doing nothing about illegal immigration because they know that this country is addicted to cheap Central American labor. Even the most ardent opponents of illegal immigration just bubble over with excitement when that new house on the beach costs them $800k instead of $900k because all the roofing and drywall work were done by illegals. The Republicans, always mindful of the dollar, know that without illegal immigration, several sectors of our economy would be in the toilet. So instead of figuring out a fix, they do the old wink-wink, nudge-nudge and pay great lip service to stopping illegal immigration while doing nothing about it. Trust me, of the two problems, the Left-wing push toward Marxist influenced Socialism is far worse.....and our public school curriculum is a key building block in that march. If the fourth-graders at Capre Fear are now convinced that, "I have an obligation to help people who cannot manage their own lives," then it's a very small step to, "WE, as a people, must help those who cannot manage their own lives." Thus thee roads to TANF and Medicaid are paved with good, but foolishly naive intentions. Some tangential points in closing: * Nowhere did I "tout the Bible." I simply pointed out to a rather naive poster that this exercise had absolutely nothing to do with Christ. * A border fence, by itself, will do little to control illegal immigration. We need a comprehensive program with a totally secure border being but one of the menu items. * If my writings lead you to conclude that I am a Communist, then either I'm the worst writer on Earth or you have absolutely no idea what a Communist is. * Regarding my lack of altruism, I will gladly compare line 18 of my Schedule A to anyone's, for an analysis of income v. charitable contributions. I simply believe that we cannot confuse charity with socially mandated obligation. I give money because I want to and because I can, not because I foolishly believe that those who have more are somehow bound to do more. Every one of us needs to carry our own load through life. No one should be made to feel guilty for refusing to help those too lazy or incompetent to manage their lives effectively.


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