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Wal-Mart Haters

Most Wal-Mart haters suffer from a basic lack of economic knowledge. They don't understand that the trillions (literally) of dollars Wal-Mart shoppers have saved are funneled back into the economy and help a broad array of businesses and industries. Now there are some who truly weep bitter tears because we no longer have the option of paying $4.00 too much for a package of undershirts manufactured by ILGWU employees at a mill in Greesboro, but they should blame the union and economic reality more than Wal-Mart. Big-box stores are just one piece of the global trade picture. The principal underlying cause for the collapse of American textiles and light manufacturing is that we priced ourselves right out of the global market. If you can import a product that is as good a quality as the one I make and still sell it for less, I have two options: Drop my price or close my doors. Still others bemoan Wal-Mart using so much part-time help to skirt requirements for insurance and other benefits. They obviously aren't aware that the Thirteenth Amendment outlawed slavery and involuntary servitude. Every single worker at Wal-Mart is free to leave at any time and seek employment elsewhere. For some reason, most choose not to. Most Wal-Mart haters exist at one of the opposite poles on the political spectrum. They are either a potential recruit for John Edwards' Band of Merry Men ("It's not your money, it's OUR money") or Ron Paul's "Let's hermetically seal the United States and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist" mob. Either way, you can bet that they're a bit screwy....


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