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How can there be no suspects???

How can a woman just disappear and there not be any suspects? Certainly someone must have killed her so who would have the motive? Unless she had a long list of enemies youwould think the first suspect would be her husband/lover/dealer. If she is married where was her husband the night she disappeared? This is rediculous and I'm sure law enforcement must have absolutely bungled the investigation otherwise what happened? Surely a serial killer isnt stalking some random bar looking for a drunk woman to kill. I mean come on, this was done by someone who was betrayed by her or felt like he was. I would look into her dealer, was he arrested right before she disappeared? Would someone have thought she was a snitch? Did her husband think she was cheating on him? Did she owe someone a lot of money? Did someone give her a ride home that night and he tried to get fresh and she hit him and he hit her back killing her? Who had bruises or scratch marks? You got to think whoever did it had to hide the body. Has someone moved recently? She wasn't dumped along side of the road or someone would have found her by now. This seems planned to me which leads me back to her husband/dealer or lover. Someone who knew her did this.


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