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First 48 hours are key

The first 48 hours (not minutes) are key in any murder investigation, leads grow cold very quickly after that. I believe this case was originally seen as a walkaway and not as a suspicious disappearance. I would have to agree that the cops seem to have blown this if that is the case. What I do know, and perhaps Mr. Hurtz you need to remember, is that there is an enormous amount of crime being committed in this area. These good detectives you defend are overloaded and speaking from experience working in crisis management, some cases, such as a missing adult mother out at a bar after 2 in the morning on a work night, with two young kids at home and a pile of personal problems filling the file folder makes for a rationale to find "more important" cases to devote what little time you have. After all the case was most likely seen originally as a walkaway like Wilman suggested, which means the busy detectives were giving it time to solve itself. Sort of like the drug agents waiting for all the gangbangers to shoot themselves thus solving the drug problem. And we all know they aren't killing white kids. And to your "but there are many, MANY places right here in New Hanover County where a body could be disposed of and never found, or found only years later." Where exactly is a spot of land in this county that a surveyor or hunter hasn't walked? Colombo you keep at it and don't let some bitter wannabe cop discourage your opinions. I am curious about a drug connection too. "It is totally irrational and offensive for you to suggest incompetence by the detectives investigating it with absolutely no justification beyond your own pompous presumptions." I doubt Mr. Hurtz that you know any more about this case than Mr. Dood and the only "pompous presumptions" I've read are the ones you so loudly shouted. His suggestions are historically legitimate, odds prove him right. Your attacking this person's right to express himself is evidence of the highest form of pomposity. You owe Dood an apology.


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