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Many of you seem to have an

Many of you seem to have an inside scoop as to the life of this missing person Allison Foy and an inside track into the investigation by the police and what they have done and haven't done. If you all know so much about Ms. Foy's life with all your references to lovers and dealers you must know something about that night and her life in general, so why not come forward with the information you have and maybe this case could be resolved. How do you know what LE has done and not done concerning this case, and why do you assume one way or another? What proof do you have about so called lovers and dealers, and who are you to make such accusations? And, even if those accusations were true they don't help find this missing mother of two! Every missing person deserves to be found! Everyone needs to stop judging and hiding behind anonyomous names and come forward with whatever truth it is you know. The fact remains that in this county a young mother remains missing after 17 months and appears to not be coming back! I agree that someone knows something and that something happened that night! I am amazed that with what you all seem to know you have not asked for the $10,000 reward that is out there according to this report. The truth is that a person is missing from our community and no one seems to know what happened. This person has vanished without a trace that is a scary thought. So, enough second guessing and assumption be brave enough to come forward if you know something. I highly doubt that this young woman just up and walked away without her children and anything else from her life. I hope and pray that a resolution is forth coming for all involved.


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