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Thanks for all that information

"I BELIEVE this case was originally seen as a walkaway...." "...the case was MOST LIKELY seen..." "...IF that is the case." Yeah, you have all the facts! It's a good thing you watch that show about the first forty-eight hours, eh? Exactly how overworked are those detectives going to be if they have to immediately investigate everyone who stays out overnight as a missing person? For every truly missing person, there are thousands who simply "stayed with a friend" or slept one off in their car....but you're faulting detectives because they weren't on the case by sunrise? Do you think the procedures for missing persons are established for a reason? BTW, I'm not sure where you live or how often you get out, but there are heavily wooded and overgrown areas right within the city limits of Wilmington, that no surveyor or hunter has trod upon in our lifetime. Get out of the city and you can find thousands of acres of undeveloped land. The only person walking the two acres behind my house, for example, is me. You will note that unlike you two, nowhere have I tried to GUESS what happened, nowhere did I SPECULATE, nowhere have I tried to pass opinion off as fact regarding this case. I simply said that there are a hundred variables in a case like this, and it is dead wrong to jump on presumed police incompetence as the reason this case hasn't been solved. As I never impinged upon the other poster's (or your) right to post pure speculation with no basis in fact, I have no need to apologize to anyone. Carry on, and thanks for paying this "wanna-be's" pension.


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