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Film Business alive and well

Thanks to the generous out of pocket risks and capital investments by not only producers like Frank Capra but also everyone from George Lucas to Russ Myer, Wilmington has seen 293 BILLION dollars in revenue since the early 80's. The money has gone to build Wilmington's infastructure into a world class example of civic responsibility. Big box stores have opened primarily just to cater to the film industry and several boutiques reminiscent of Rodeo Drive have popped up employing hundreds of models and actresses as counter clerks and private shoppers who otherwise would be working at the "gentlemen's clubs" or escort businesses. If it wasn't for the film business not only Wilmington, but the entire state would have to raise taxes and live with congested roads and leaky sewers. The money being brought in has made our school system a testiment to the nature vs. nurture controversay proving if given enough resourses our youth will thrive and prosper. Half of Wilmington, at one point or another, has been employed in some fashion by the film business, the other half services it. Hosanna, praise be to the second, third, fifteenth largest film center in the galaxy and leaders in such child porn classics as the yet to be released Dakota Fanning's Hounddog and the two other child rape movies, Lolita and Bastard out of Carolina. If it wasn't for movies such as those or such classics as Black Dog, Black Knight, White Men Can't Dance and let's not forget Dirt Nap Wilmington would just be another place big, fat, union thugs and thieves would bring their carnival workers to scam the area of their natural resources and receive tax money for doing so. The film business is alive and well. God bless it! Would you like fries with that?


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