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You cant afford us NOT to live here

As a teacher, fireman, police officer, mailman, secretary, grocery store cashier, retail clerk, nail banger, garbage man, YOU CANT AFFORD US NOT TO LIVE HERE! Since you, Mr. Moneybags capitalista, want it all your way all the 80% of us that are tired of you not paying your fair share can bump us a raise or find someone else to work for you. Get them to commute from Sampson County or Mexico. Build a few condos you can rent to them, let them work for you for next to nothing. But the rest of us experienced, college educated, dedicated workers you pay $20,000 a year to, those of us who can't afford $1,500 a month for a overpriced cookie cutter house will find our way to Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, Atlanta and leave you behind with no looking back. It's about time you shell out some of that Corbett/Cameron/Trask land looted 100 years ago at affordable prices otherwise we are gone. Let your children tote the load amigo! And Richie Rich, if you think you aren't being taken like the rest of us just remember the taxes youpay just recently went to purchase 100 acres of farm land for 5.7 million dollars. What's that $57,000 an acre for land to add onto a jail that cost 43 million when other jails of like size are being built for half of that? $57,000 an acre for farm land next to a swamp. Gee who was the real estate broker on that deal???? Wasn't the tax value $300,000? Well its a good thing the Trasks 1500 acres across the street will immediately increase in tax value and begin to pay their share. $57,000 an acre times 1500 acres is ... wow, $85 million, imagine the revenue generated off of that newly inflated value. That's a long way from the $6,000 a year they pay now, about $40,000 more in fact. Maybe they just needed their 1,500 acres to appraise higher so they can finance their new development with a 120% start up loan. Now thats the way to make a buck or two Mr. Capitalista. Rob a bank right after robbing the taxpayer then tell us all if we dont like it leave. Sub-Prime loan anybody? Cement slab, 1,000 sq foot box for 175k anybody? You want fries with that?


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