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This will put an end to

This will put an end to "skid lids" or thw worthless decorative helmets that weekend warroirs (yes the Harley owners that trailer their bikes down to bike fest and only ride on the weekends..) proudly wear.. That is the "in-between helmet".. And there is no in-between.... Either you are fully protected with a DOT helmet or not protected at all... Either of which should be the bikers choice... My reasoning? Many of these Harley weekend warriors are to ignorant to realize that a skid lid offers no protection at all... And as for the guy from the bike shop on market street giving stats about a 30mph collision and a helmet not saving a life? Get an education... Your stats are uneducated, unfounded, and you are 70% MORE likele to survive a crash under 40 mph by wearing a DOT approved helmet......


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