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mandatory helmets

Since the writers are so willing to sacrifice another American freedom to save lives, I know that they would be willing to sacrifice one of their own freedoms to save lives. Since the vast majority of auto accidents are head injuries, why limit the protection of helmets to a small minority of vehicles? Let's mandate helmets for ALL vehicles. That would save far more lives than just mandating them for motorcycles. Common sense would dictate this. We could save even more lives if we outlawed cigarettes. It is common sense that they kill and the state should be able to take away informed freedom of choice on this issue as well. If the state made this choice for us, it would save far more lives than auto and motorcycle accidents combined. The nerve of people thinking that we should bear the "burden" of their medical bills. While we're at it, alcohol kills even more people. The nerve of these people thinking that that they should have informed freedom of choice to drink alcohol. This freedom should be taken away and the choice should be made by the state. Oh yes, we did try this once and freedom loving people rose up against it. Sound familiar to the fight for freedom of choice regarding helmet laws. There should also not be any freedom of choice on eating fatty food as well. Health complications from this cause more annual deaths than motorcycle and auto accidents combined in a decade! The state should take the individual's informed freedom of choice and make that decision for them. The nerve of people thinking that we should have to foot the costs of their medical bills. The bottom line here is that it is not helmets that is the issue, it is the HELMET LAW. If it is right for the state to legislate the risk out of life for one group, it will be right for them to legislate the risk for all. Is this the direction we really want our society to go? This is still America, isn't it?


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