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I guess the previous writer has never gone hungry or lived paycheck to paycheck. When the average pay is less than $30k annually & the average price of a home is above $150k/Rent average is $600/up for a 1br/1bth in New Hanover County. I, as a widowed, childless female w/ 4yr college education, work very hard for my less than $20k annually at a lawyer's office. I have no debt, no credit cards, my 10 year old car needs major repairs, no substance abuse, I shop at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, I save as much as I can. I don't travel outside of work or necessity because of fuel prices, I budget my money weekly, monthly. I feel I'm very responsible. I rent a 1br/1bth from my mother who has set my rent at my income & I conserve & recycle as much as possible. I thank God everyday for my mother because if something happened then I could be homeless and it could mean missing a few paychecks. Our state has made huge cutbacks in human services to assist the less fortunate but will give tax cuts & incentives to major corporations, I believe we have our priorities backwards.


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