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Don't judge a book by its cover...

In my opinion, the outward actions of others, may it be drinking,drugs etc is not the's actually the manifestation or outcome of an entirely different problem that may be plaguing that individual. Drinking is not the problem... maybe finding yourself jobless or homeless may LEAD to a person drinking... or the lost of a loved one may LEAD to a person trying to ease the pain by turning to drugs.. you get my point!... As far as addressing the issue of homeless.. take a look around... there aren't that many high paying jobs around and the cost of living keeps rising... a report over a year ago stated that the cost of housing in Wilmington was about 30% overpriced... without the availability of affordable housing, decent wages & employment opportunties, the numbers will continue to increase people finding themselves homeless. The homeless can one day be you or me... Only 1 pay check away from being put out on the streets for many... Job losses have also contributed to homelessness.. there are many homeless that are unaccounted for b/c they were fortunate to be living with friends/relatives, but they still count in my opinion, it's just that you don't see them on the street. What would help ease this problem would be employment & pay increase, affordable housing.. among others not mentioned... I was born and raised in this city, recently relocated to Raleigh last year where my 4 yr degree is now paying off for my family... I was barely making ends meet in Wilmington.. and that's with a 4 yr much harder for someone without an education?????? Please, don't categorized every homeless person as being a bum, drunk, drug addict, etc..there people just like u and me, only their struggles are different... God bless!


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