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That's absolute nonsense!

If you're "one paycheck away from being homeless," then your life is a financial disaster and that is entirely YOUR responsibility. But in fact, you're likely not in that situation, because few people are. "One check away from homeless" is great rhetoric of the left, with little basis in fact....except for those foolish people who continue to enjoy a champagne life on a beer budget. If you have four kids and a minimum wage job, don't blame anyone but yourself for your situation. You may not LIKE the figures about the homeless, but that doesn't make then any less valid or true - seventy percent of homeless people have substance abuse and/or mental illness problems. That's WHY they are homeless - the homelessness didn't come first. Do the basic research. (And regardless of life's hard knocks, there is never, NEVER a reason to become a drunk or a druggie!) Many of them even enjoy the lifestyle! No mortgage, no bills, no taxes, no worries. I have a distant acquaintance who lives with his family in Pine Valley, but every now and then, misses the old life so much that he leaves, checks into the shelter, and pals around with his compadres for a few days or weeks. Then, he calls them to come pick him up, all beat up and smelling of that wonderful booze/vomit/urine/old cigarette smell. These people are predominantly BUMS, plain and simple. You can weep for their plight - I have no time for such nonsense. If I can manage my life, they can manage theirs.


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