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No jobs in Wilmington?

For all of you claiming that you work for slave wages, and there are no high paying jobs in Wilmington. Please grow up. Even if we accept your contention that there are few high paying jobs available locally, that means that **YOU** have made a conscious choice to remain in an area where YOU believe that you can't make decent money. You are voluntarily living in poverty! For example, when you graduate from a university, there is no law that says you have to remain there! If the shoe fits, for God's sake cut the apron strings and get away from mommy! Here are a few "life observations" from an old, cantankerous codger: * The faster you get out on your own, the faster you will HAVE to learn how to succeed on your own. I was seventeen when I left home, and I never looked back or had any regrets. * It is far better to be rolling in the dough in Hugoton, Kansas, than to be broke in Wilmington, North Carolina. Being broke stinks, regardless of your level of perceived paradise. Of course, if you value surfing on piddley weenie-waves more than having a strong, independent financial future that will enable you to live where you want to and do what you want to.....well....good luck to you. * If you are going to put up with four years of college and wind up tens of thousands in debt, pick a field of discipline that is in demand so that you have some hope of recovering your investment! (Best story in the past year? The young lady who dumped her communications major and took up nursing. She won't be slinging hash at some local restaurant.) Too many college students fall into one of the two traps: They dedicate college to partying, and get an easy, dime-a-dozen degree such as psychology, sociology, or communications, or major in a really cool, exciting degree with a worldwide demand of a few dozen people a year. Meanwhile, we're paying $50k for entry level engineers, and all your business major buddies are driving BMWs and living on the beach three years out of college. Don’t underestimate the value of getting a VALUABLE degree. * As you go through life, don't miss the subtle indicators in people's stories. Several of you mention crappy salaries, but please note that NONE of you are homeless. Why is that? Because you have somehow worked out your situation. You are getting by, even if you're not eating caviar....and that's what separates you from the homeless. They can't manage things, they can't work things out. In a lot of cases, they don’t WANT to work things out. Poverty doesn't cause homelessness. There are millions of poor people in this country who aren't homeless, and will never BE homeless. Homelessness is caused by an underlying inability to manage your own life, whether due to substance abuse, mental illness, or just being a hapless, helpless loser.


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