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I enjoy your posts... they make me laugh....

You mean Santa, the fantasy man? Seriously, I don't mind if you or anyone else celebrates Christmas. I'm just trying to make a point. It seems to me, according to the posts I read, some atheists believe that all Christians think that they are perfect or are all bible thumpers trying to convert anyone who will listen. Everyone sins.....anyone who says otherwise is lying (also a sin ;)). The difference is that according to my beliefs I am forgiven. As for your question about Halloween, no, I do not participate because it's not something I believe in. But, I won't condemn anyone who does because how a person chooses to live their life is their business. Stereotyping in general just irks me, that's why I replied. As far as reading your posts, I do enjoy them... the ironies are hilarious when compared to one another. Take care....


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