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Hillary..... & Presidential candidates & religion

Yes, I agree Hillary would be a polarizing leader by her very nature, AND, by her strong political crusades. Yes, that's the right word for her social and financial agendas for our country. Any time you launch crusades, you cause division. She also wants to leave her "Clinton Dynasty" mark in history,(this, I imagine is an ego thing) at our country's, and certainly our taxpayers' expense. Once again, we have a fabulously wealthy candidate, representing the poor man, at the middle class taxpayer's expense. Now that's a favorite crusade! Oh yes, remember, out country was founded on the principle that religion and state, or government, should be separate...but it also was founded on the ideal that no one should be punished for religious belief. We seem to forget the second part more than the first. Let's keep religion and government separate, but let's also not persecute candidates for their respective religions!


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