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Actually, if you discount Iraq and Afghanistan.....

Bush's programs were quite good, initially. The tax cuts he signed in 2001 and 2003 were one of the key reasons that our economy took off. They also insured a quick recovery after September 11th. We have enjoyed six years of a booming economy, and despite those cuts, we are collecting higher tax revenues than ever. His biggest domestic failure was not reining in a Congress that was spending money like drunken sailors, year after year. Whether Republican-controlled or Democrat-controlled, Congress is the chronic block to any meaningful belt-tightening that should accompany tax cuts. They stand for election every two years, so it's a continual struggle to bring home the You should also not over-estimate the president's power in actually "steering" the economy. He can nudge it, but even he's not powerfull enough to truly manage it. The price of oil, for example, is well outside his sphere of control, and if you remember Vietnam, you also remember that Nixon and Ford proved that price controls simply don't work, and cause even more damage to the economy. Recession is a natural cycle in any economy, so it's not a matter of IF it's coming, but when. Considering the president's available options, he may be thinking of doing something, but there's very little he can do. Plus, he's now dealing with a Congress that WANTS to see the economy in the toilet by November. I won't waste any bandwidth trying to explain away his total military incompetence, or refusal to take the war to the people who have declared war on us....


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