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It is so funny that today we are ready to condemn a young lady that just the other day we felt needed our help. We are so quick to jump from one side to the other when we have no right to even have a side. We don’t have the knowledge or experience to make an educated decision. To those of you who are ready to run this young lady up the flag pole or are ready to through her to the dogs, I hope you are never in a situation where you need help and no one knows or cares or helps. Because if you are, your comments and thoughts will be a cold reality. Why are we so ready to condemn a person knowing nothing about their situation. Her actions were of someone who need help was crying for help, where were her friends, her family and any body else that claimed to be someone in her life. Sometimes we, you, her -- feel the only solution is to run. Some of us run to alchol, drugs or away. Some of us if we are lucky can run to a friend or our family. We need as another has said to keep her in our prayers and to keep ourselves in our prayers so that we never end up in a situation that would make us feel the way she must have felt or be feeling. I hope, as a father, that she finds what she needs to get help. She is a talented student and a hard working friend. When you say your prayers tonight say one for Ashley and others in your school that may be in a similar place.


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