Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 01/07/2008 - 3:44pm.

If you've bought milk from Food Lion recently, you may need to return it. Food Lion has pulled milk from the shelf. The company says it's a shelf life issue because the milk didn't meet quality standards. The Food Lion milk has a product date from January 11 to January 20. The milk is part of the Food Lion brand. Here are the serial numbers of the affected milk. Food Lion 128 oz. HVD 35826-02551 Food Lion 128 oz. 2% 35826-02552 Food Lion 128 oz. 1% 35826-02553 Food Lion 128 oz. skim 35826-00447 Food Lion 64 oz. HVD 35826-02555 Food Lion 64 oz. 2% 35826-00343 Food Lion 64 oz. 1% 35826-02007 Food Lion 64 oz. skim 35826-00460 You can return the milk to Food Lion for a full refund.

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