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Smoke, Fog

Why are we blaming the person that was burning for these accidents, the fog was bad and yes there was smoke mixed in with it, that means to slow down and take responsibility for driving, just like heavy rain or blizzard conditions, if it is not safe to drive then don't, read the drivers handbook. We always try to blame other people for our actions, why not blame the DOT for failure to close the roads. I have leaves in my yard from October and I would like to burn, do I know the fog is going to be bad the next day and the smoke cause an accident, who's knows, Only God. At least they can burn, New Hanover county will not lift the burn ban, there is a water shortage and when it rains we should be allowed to burn debris or the county should provide debris pick-up or give me the address of the persons in New Hanover county that will not lift the burn ban since the state did and I will take my debris to their yard. They probably do not live in the county but live in the city where they have debris pick-up. I am sympathetic to those that were in an accident and by the article there appears to have been no serious injuries.


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