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Those of you who are commenting trying to support Ashley and her family are to be commended. There will always be, lets just say people, who are willing to jump on someone’s back to crush them to destroy them to elevate their own personal worth. People who pretend to know more than they know, be more than they are and act more self righteous than well you know who. It is very obvious from this investigation that the sheriffs department and LEO’s LOL wow an acronym had the situation under control from the beginning. Thank you, for all the hard work that was put in from both the local officials and volunteers. As for the negative comments by certain again lets say “people” They are not worth the bits and bytes and band width to comment on. There will always be those “PEOPLE”!!!!!! For those of us with children, that we actually love, no amount of money, time and or emotion is to little or to extreme to save them. We are talking about a young woman here not a dog or a cat or piece of furniture. A human being! If there had been or need to be a search for Ms. Ryan I can tell you this there would be no need to pay for people to come and execute it. These people ( different from those people above) Have hearts and have been there or know someone who has been in a no win situation. They, we, us -- choose to help with out condemnation with out the need for payment or repayment. So unless you are Ashley or her family or a member of a search team or local first responder which I think is pretty obviously – not the case. Your comments are not worth a response.


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