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Why judge another?

I have been reading these posts with awe, thankfulness, pity for the ignorant and some distain. Hurrah!!! to those of you who are willing to give the benefit of doubt to this "child". She may have run away, if so, I sincerely hope that she comes to her senses and contacts someone she trusts AND SOON. Wilmman, you seem so sure she ran, did you yourself assist her with getting on a bus or plane? It is still possible that she may not have gone anywhere willingly, in which case we should be praying for her safety and quick resolution to this case and begging people for information, rather than passing judgement on her. Unfortunately I have seen too many terrible outcomes of both, I volunteered at several centers in NYC and FLA., where many of these kids end up with no money, no where to go, they become the underworld of society, thousands upon thousands of them. Does anyone not remember when the arcade and boardwalk area of Carolina Beach (before the "clean-up era of the mid 90's) was the seasonal "pit stop" between the Northeast and Florida for these displaced children? I met many of them during my forays to the area, some I was able to help, some were so distrustful of anyone they just disappeared. While the majority of the "children" there & in the charity homes were runaways, many had no reason to trust any of the adults in their lives, some had mental issues that caused them to make rash decisions, some left becasue of shame felt on their part, some, admittedly, were selfishly running, thinking things would be better for them wherever they went. And still there are others who fell under the spell of someone who promised them love and fun and relief from petty problems that seem insurmountable to teens, but not being mature enough to consider where they were going, who they were going with or what could happen to them. All I can say is that NO STORY I witnessed or CHILD I ever met had an easy time of it, some of their stories are downright horrific. They fall prey to the creatures that we call fellow human beings, often forced into depraved behaviour just for survival, and humilation and self-loathing becomes what prevents them from trying to return home, if they have a safe home to go to. Let's all let these shildren know there are alternatives, we have tv ads for everything from toilet paper to useless scams on late-night channels. Kids watch late night tv, why not public service announcements to tell them where to get help and advice, with people on the other end listening and kind and with helpful resources instead of disinterested, overworked or callousness. There is too much red tape and fear involved in a childs asking for help, lets use our words and emotions to find ways to make it easier. One last word.... to her friends.... do not think that you are helping her by keeping silent if you know any of her plans, "unapproved friends" or her problems. Contact law enforcement, a teacher or even me at, tell us your fears, suspicions and info., tell someone!!! Even if she did leave of her own free will, she is still in danger. PLEASE.


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