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Here's part of the problem!

"Mistakes are made, by us all, and we deal with them and move on," Hoggard High School Principal Dave Spencer said. Perhaps if Mister Spencer wasn't so quick to dismiss drug dealing and drug abuse as everyday, routine mistakes that are no big deal, the students in his charge wouldn't be so prone to use drugs. Until this country gets back to believing that criminal behavior is certainly NOT the norm and is never acceptable under any circumstances, rest assured that young, impressionable minds will believe that anything goes. All will be forgiven. We move on. After all, we all make mistakes....right? Wrong. When a high-school principal dismisses dealing and posession as everyday mistakes, and a DA's office is willing to immediately allow a defendent to plead down from felony to misdemeanor, we are sending the clear message that criminal behavior will result in little or no punishment. We are reinforcing that message again and again, every time we accept criminal behavior as a normal part of growing up.


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