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And he shouldn't have to step down.

Everyone knows that these restraining orders are not based on FACTS but based solely on accusations. After all, if there HAD been FACTS to back up any claims made against him, then he could have been arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced. He hasn't been. The FACT is that this appears to be completely political in nature. First, accusations made to create a restraining order to prevent him from performing his job. Then, a petition to remove him from his job. All based on nothing more than an accusation. Under the law, an individual is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Restraining orders violate that by allowing mere accusations to determine guilt. I wonder if anyone who supports such ideals would feel the same if they were Publically accused of various crimes and those accusations were backed up by a restraining order, but no trial having ever been held. Does this mean I believe he didn't do what was claimed? No. It means I believe in the Rights of ALL participants, both the accused and the accuser. I believe in the ideal of innocent until prove guilty, not "accusation makes guilt". I also believe in The Truth, The WHOLE Truth, and Nothing But The Truth. I don't see that here. Andrew


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