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1st Amendment not a shield

Freedom of Speech is all well and good. But when someone uses it to violate another individual's Rights to Due Process as well as other Civil Rights for the purpose of what is clearly a political issue, not an issue of "morality" (as she would be demanding the removal of the accuser as well since SHE had an affair as well), then one has to question where one individual's Right end and where another individual's Rights begin. The Attorney General has no business in this case as no crime had been committed (as proven by the lack of criminal arrest, trail, conviction, etc). This whole issue is nothing more than political subterfuge. Falsely accuse someone, get restraining order, sensationalize it, then force them out by spreading misinformation. If that's your Freedom of Speech, I'll start printing up warning poster about child molestors with the names, addresses, and faces of every citizen in Brunswick County and I'll defend it with the same argument used in this case: Accusation is all that is required to make guilt, and Freedom of Speech protects that Right. Andrew


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