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I knew that once Ray Gilbert

I knew that once Ray Gilbert took a public stand against the school board following the resignation of WBHS’s principal last year, that a way would be found to degrade him. The folks of Brunswick County are full of it. And I mean that from every aspect possible. Ray Gilbert serves on the school board, true, but he is still a human subjected to making mistakes. I’m sorry that he has given the “high moral” citizens such as Ms. Danka the ammunition to showcase their energy and receive public attention. This man stands accused of misconduct, and the school board has taken it upon themselves to play the role of judge and jury in convicting and sentencing him. If he can be removed by the attorney general, and I seriously doubt that he can as an elected official, then what happens if the courts find that he is innocent of the charges? Will his removal still be justified because he had an affair? If that is the case, then I think the parents and school board need to implement a plan of action to remove all school officials that have ever committed an immoral infraction. I’m sure there is a teacher somewhere in the county that has had and/or is having an affair. Well, let’s get rid of them. Besides isn’t it the teachers that have the most contact with our children. And we certainly don’t want them teaching our children during the day and committing immoral actions as an adult at night. What type of signals would that send to our kids? Let’s be realistic folks. The mere fact that the school board is working overtime to remove Ray Gilbert before the courts can decide his innocence or guilt is far beyond him having an affair. Ray is very vocal and doesn’t always agree with the actions of the board. He’s the good ole boy that speaks his mind and they simply can’t have that. Bill Clinton had an affair, but his responsibility of running the country didn’t lack because of it. The country’s economy was in good standing, although Bill was creeping at night. The citizens of this country kept Bush in office, because they didn’t agree with John Kerry’s stance on gay marriages and abortion. His views were different from Bush and considered to be immoral. Bush is still in office, the economy is the worst ever, and gay marriages are still taking place as well as abortions. I get so sick of parents looking to other folks to instill morals for their children and act as role models. How your child performs in school and how they excel in school will be a result of your parenting, not what Ray Gilbert decides to do in his personal life. If Ray was convicted of indecent liberties with a student, then the board’s actions would be justified; but that is not the case. I believe Ray does have the best concerns for the children of Brunswick County, simply because he has children in the county’s school system. Again, I think the citizens of Brunswick County are full of it. And yes, that goes double for Ms. Danka. More importantly, I believe the school board is using this opportunity to be rid of the voice that brings their shortcomings to light.


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