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Lie to someone else, you're wasting them here.

It's called "innocent until PROVEN guilty". If there was evidence of the claims of threats, then criminal charges could have been filed. Clearly, there were NONE as criminal charges HAVEN'T been filed. Restraining Orders require even less evidence than civil trials. I also note that your "morally superior" attitude doesn't include the woman who had the affair also. If he is wrong in having the affair, so is she. If he is to be fired based on "immoral acts", so should she. This has nothing to do with supporting him or not. This has to do with Justice. This has to do with The Truth, The WHOLE Truth, And Nothing But The Truth. This has to do with FACTS. This has to do with Human and Civil Rights. This is clearly a case of political intrigue misusing the legal system through false accusations. This is one reason the legal system is so fouled up. People are actually encouraged to make false accusations just to manipulate a political issue. I've already contacted the Attorney General giving my views on this issue. How it is clear that Gilbert committed no criminal act, as shown by the lack of evidence as shown by the lack of criminal charges. And I've stated to him how this issue has also raised false claims of "immorality", as proven by the claims of "immorality" against Gilbert but not against the "immoral" woman who had the affair WITH him. And I've indicated that, based on those facts, this petition, in conjunction with these claims against him, are clearly based on attempted political manipulation and actually has NOTHING to do with the false claims of threats or the hypocritical claims of "immorality" made against him alone. Keep lying to yourself and others. Do you raise your children with such immorality as lying and deceiving others to manipulate the world around you? If you do, you should have those kids removed from your custody immediately as it is mental abuse against them and training them to dishonorable and unethical. Andrew


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